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Decorating your home extension

Part A: Decorating – Getting ready to inject the room with a bit of you

This is the first part in our new series about decorating and making the most of the existing space in your home or the additional space that has been created by your recent home extension. First, we’ll outline some steps to make your room decorating-friendly, then we’ll give you some great tips to help you turn your bedroom, bathroom, guest room, home office, kitchen and living room into the rooms you’ve always dreamed of!

Are you tired of coming home to a house that’s filled with rooms that are oozing with everything but style?  There are plenty of simple changes you can make to the rooms in your home without breaking the bank that will transform each room into one that is more spacious, functional and you. We’ve broken the preparatory process into five simple steps that can be applied to every room in your home. After you’ve followed them and worked out what you want the finished product to look like, you can use the subsequent tips for specific rooms to transform them into masterpieces that could be featured on the cover of your favourite Home magazine! Read more

Top 10 creative things to do this weekend that might get you thinking about a home extension!

What’s happening in London this bank holiday long weekend? Another one of our famous top 10s!

We had such great feedback about our last bank holiday blog post that we thought we’d do another one for this bank holiday long weekend. We’ve scoured the internet, put our heads together and taken to the streets (OK, everything but that last one!) in order to bring you this list of 10 interesting things that are taking place all over London this weekend. Attending one or more of them should sufficiently satisfy your artistic impulses and maybe even get you thinking about your own home and how you could improve it through a home extension or perhaps in a design sense. So, forget about work, scrape yourself out of that backside-shaped groove that’s made itself a permanent feature of your couch, and make the most of the long weekend. After all, the next one isn’t until August! Read more