What would you do with an extra room? There’s a lot of room for movement within these options!

If you could add an extra room to your home, what would it be? Most people opt for an extra bedroom to give the kids (sorry, teens!) some space or a bathroom to take some of the pressure off the tiny 3mone that’s almost as old as you are, but we’ve seen so many interesting uses of space lately that we thought we’d share some of them with you!


When people are presented with the option of adding another room to their house or converting their loft, the obvious choice is to create an additional bedroom. Families are constantly changing – you might have another baby on the way, the kids might be demanding more space, or you might be becoming a caretaker for an older relative, which will mean some serious reshuffling. Instead of going through the hassle of moving, many people decide instead to build up or out to increase the size and liveability of their home. Makes sense to us!


If your family is growing, you might find that the little bathroom downstairs is struggling to cope with the increased demand and that getting out of the house of a morning is becoming more and more of a nightmare. Adding an extra bathroom, or better still adding a bedroom equipped with an ensuite, is an attractive option for families in this situation!

Storage room

You might already be using your loft as a storeroom, or you might have a section of the house that’s out-of-bounds to visitors because it’s filled to the brim with old yearbooks and clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Either way, creating a proper storage room with drawers and shelves-galore is a great option for homeowners that want to declutter their homes and make their existing rooms better serve the function they were created for.

Home gym

You might have a CrossFit machine set up in your living room  but find it hard to get some alone time with it where you’re not distracted by taunts from your family or the sight of the dirty kitchen. Turning your loft into a home gym or adding an extra room for this purpose would leave you with no excuse to not get fit. And if you don’t know what a CrossFit machine is, it might really be time you got your home gym under way!

Games room

Games rooms are another popular choice for people who have the option of adding another room to their home or converting their loft. They’re a great way to get the kids out of your hair for a bit and, coupled with a bar (equipped with a child-proof lock!) and a pool table, they can be an entertainer’s dream!


Has finishing that novel you started when you were at uni been on your to-do list since before the kids were born? Do you regularly find yourself at Starbucks on the weekend doing catch-up work because your house is too cluttered or too noisy to get any serious work done? Adding a study is a popular choice for creative types and business-oriented people who need a professional space that’s just for them!

Depending on the size of your loft or the footprint you have to work with, you might even be able to incorporate a mixture of these ideas! For more information on loft conversions or home extensions, or if you’ve added a different type of room to your house that you’d like to share with us, contact us!

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