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Part 2: Declutter your home and get on top of your storage needs

This is the second part in our two-part series about decluttering your home and making the most of the space created by your loft conversion or home extension. In Part 1, we gave you 10 creative ideas to help you declutter your home to make it more spacious and liveable. Now we’ll discuss storage solutions so that you can make the most out of the new space in your home and ensure that your home remains a clutter-free zone!

So, using the ‘12-12-12 Method’, the ‘Closet Hanger Experiment’ or one of the other interesting suggestions we posited in Part 1, you’ve managed to get rid of all of the clothes that haven’t fit you since secondary school and you’ve donated all of the kids’ old toys to charity. Congratulations! Your home will most likely already feel like more of a ‘home’ and less of a ‘zoo’. But what do you do with all of those items that you need on a seasonal basis, like the Christmas tree or your ski gear? If you’ve cleared out your loft to make way for an extra bedroom or bathroom, what on Earth are you supposed to do with all of the ‘junk’ that you used to hide up there? Read more