Decorating your home extension

Part A: Decorating – Getting ready to inject the room with a bit of you

This is the first part in our new series about decorating and making the most of the existing space in your home or the additional space that has been created by your recent home extension. First, we’ll outline some steps to make your room decorating-friendly, then we’ll give you some great tips to help you turn your bedroom, bathroom, guest room, home office, kitchen and living room into the rooms you’ve always dreamed of!

Are you tired of coming home to a house that’s filled with rooms that are oozing with everything but style?  There are plenty of simple changes you can make to the rooms in your home without breaking the bank that will transform each room into one that is more spacious, functional and you. We’ve broken the preparatory process into five simple steps that can be applied to every room in your home. After you’ve followed them and worked out what you want the finished product to look like, you can use the subsequent tips for specific rooms to transform them into masterpieces that could be featured on the cover of your favourite Home magazine!

Step 1: Ensure that you have a clean slate to work with

Before you can even consider decorating a room, it needs to be spotless. Unfortunately, that means cleaning like you have never cleaned before. If you have just converted your loft or added an extension to your home, you are already working with a clean slate so you can skip this step! If, however, you want to decorate one of the existing rooms in your home, you might find our post about decluttering helpful. A clean slate means no curtains or wall decorations, so take them down and move any existing furniture into the centre of the room.

Step 2: Pick a theme

The list of potential themes is endless and will depend on what type of room you are decorating. If it’s a teen’s room, for example, you might opt for a sports theme, or if it is a bathroom you are working with you might decide on a seaside theme.

Step 3: Decide what can stay

Once you have a theme in mind, make a list of all of the furniture you have and decide which pieces fit your chosen theme. If you have any quality pieces that don’t make the cut, consider whether they could be given a new lease of life through a DIY alteration, or donate them to charity. Try looking at the functionality of each piece and consider whether they could serve multiple purposes to save space. One of our in-house Design Consultant’s favourite space-saving solution is cupboards in the eaves space that house a small office chair, amongst other things, and double as desk space. For more space-saving solutions, take a look at our helpful post about storage solutions.

Step 4: Measure the room

Not only will measuring the room dictate the size of the items you can purchase when you finally get to decorating, but it might also make you realise that you have a bigger blueprint to work with than you originally thought. You might discover that you have eaves space that could be transformed into a storage area instead of being cast aside as ‘dead space’, for example, or you might realise that your wardrobe is taking up far more space than is required of a wardrobe. Simple adjustments to how your furniture is utilised or to the arrangement of items can add valuable space to the room and make it appear much bigger than it actually is.

Step 5: Pick a focal point

Every room needs a focal point – that is, an eye-catching spot that establishes a hierarchy so you don’t just see a collection of objects. In a bedroom, the focal point is often the head of the bed, but it can also be a nice piece of furniture that everything else revolves around.


After you’ve followed these simple steps, you are ready to decorate each room and inject it with a touch of you. In Part B we’ll give you some great tips for decorating your bedroom and making it the comfy room of your dreams… and one that you can have the best dreams in!

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