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Part B: Renting out your home over the Wimbledon Championships & decorating your guest room

We must have done something to make the blog gods happy, because the stars appear to have aligned in such a way that has facilitated this one-of-a-kind blog bonanza in which two of our ongoing series – Wimbledon and decorating – have interjected at a most convenient time!

This is the second part in our Wimbledon series, which celebrates the sought-after area that makes headlines all around the world for two weeks every year when the oldest tennis tournament in the world kicks off. In Part A we offered a snapshot of the area to help people who are in the market for a house narrow down their search or to make Wimbledon homeowners fall in love with their homes all over again; in Part B we’ll discuss the world-famous tennis championships that kicked off today and give you some great tips for decorating your guest room in preparation for next year’s Wimbledon-goers; and to finish up we’ll show off one of the stunning loft conversions or home extensions in South West London we’ve recently completed.

The Championships or simply ‘Wimbledon’ is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. It has been held at the All England Club in Wimbledon since 1877 and is the only ‘Major’ still played on grass. The tournament takes place over two weeks in late June and early July, culminating with the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Singles Finals.

Because there is so much demand for convenient and comfortable accommodation in Wimbledon at this time every year, a lot of homeowners rent out their homes for the duration of the tennis championships to Wimbledon-goers, players, media personnel and sponsors. They either do this privately or through reputable sites like Airbnb, which is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover and book unique accommodations around the world, or Tennis London, which seeks to find the best private accommodation to rent to every sector of the international tennis community.

Accommodation rates are dependent on size, decor, overall quality (that is, poshness!) and location, with rentals in the village or within sight of the tournament bringing in more money than homes on Ridgway, Parkside, Wimbledon Park and Southfields. There is a good market for big and small homes as long as they are in the catchment area, which Tennis London recognises as being within a 20 minute walk from the tournament.

Wimbledon homeowners have the option of renting out their whole home or part of their home, for example their home extension, to guests. Facilities like wireless broadband, televisions, DVD players, Sky and/or Freeview and a cleaning service are essential and tenants expect high levels of presentation and service. In addition to the inclusion of these essentials, here are 10 tips for decorating your guest room or transforming your master bedroom into a room that’s fit for Wimbledon guests:

  1. Be welcoming. Write your guests a note that gives them all of the information they will need, for example your wifi password, information about where certain items are stored, when rubbish is collected etc. Leaving a little gift is a nice gesture that can help you develop a relationship with your guests that will prompt them to leave great reviews or even turn them into trusted regulars!
  2. Think like a guest. What would you like to find in a guest room? Think about what sort of amenities you would like if you were the guest and incorporate them into your decorating plan.
  3. Incorporate storage solutions. This means ensuring that there’s a place to put luggage, drawers to store items and closet space (with a handful of hangers as a thoughtful gesture) so your guests can hang their best Wimbledon frocks.
  4. Be practical. Little things like putting a nice throw blanket and some extra pillows on the bed will keep guests from having to ask you for things and go a long way towards helping them feel welcome in your home.
  5. Give the room some TLC. Make sure everything is tidy and of a ‘hotel standard’ by making up the bed with crisp, clean linen, putting fresh flowers in the room, emptying the bins and perhaps even leaving mints on the pillows!
  6. Make essentials easily accessible. Place essential toiletries in an easily accessible spot and either label them or transfer them into clear jars or bottles, and include things in the room that guests may have forgotten to bring, for example an alarm clock.
  7. Colour creatively. When decorating your guest room, try to keep to keep the colour scheme neutral and natural so that it caters to all tastes. Unlike when you’re decorating your bedroom or decorating your bathroom, steer away from making the room ‘you’ by painting the walls hot pink and leaving key pieces from your antique doll collection in various locations around the room. Instead, opt for neutral colours and neat, minimal decor.
  8. Don’t isolate guests. Ensure that all of your guests feel welcomed by styling the room based on a setting that either gender can be welcomed to and replace family photographs with pieces of art that don’t make your guests feel like they are intruders in someone else’s house.
  9. Use lights tactfully. Create a relaxing atmosphere for your guests by using calming single lighting (which also emphasises space) and bedside lamps.
  10. Upsize. A bigger property equates to higher price tags (both for renting out your home and when you come to sell). Consider getting a home extension to increase the number of bedrooms in your home and therefore the number of guests it can house – or use your new room(s) to lease out to tenants year-round. Ca-ching!

To see some of these tips in action, or for some more helpful tips, take a look at this video about decorating your guest room:


We hope that this mega blog has given you some great ideas that you can put into action in time for next year’s tennis championships! Stay tuned for the last part of our Wimbledon series, in which we’ll show off one of our stunning loft conversions or home extensions in South West London, and Part E of our decorating series, in which we’ll tackle your home office. If you have any questions about Chartered architectshome extension architects, a home extension cost or about the specific planning laws for the Wimbledon area, contact the team at Landmark Architecture.

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