Staff interview with Rebecca from Landmark Architecture

Introducing Landmark Architecture’s Executive Assistant, Rebecca Clarke!

We sat down with Executive Assistant Rebecca Clarke and found out how she began working at Landmark Architecture and gained some insight into her future plans.

1.       What are your daily duties as an Executive Assistant?

I deal with projects right from the first communication (when the clients book a sales appointment with Roza) up until the builders start work on the home extension.

2.       What qualifications did you need to become an Executive Assistant?

I actually studied Ancient History at university then decided that I wanted to work for a small business that I could have some stake in helping to grow instead!

3.       How did you end up at Landmark Architecture?

I was looking for a small company that I could really get involved with and help to grow when I stumbled across Landmark Architecture. The company has expanded a lot since I started working here two and a half years ago and I’d like to think that I’ve played some small role in making that happen.

4.       How does your job fit in with the overall project schedule?

I work on projects during the initial phase and help clients with any queries that they may have in regards to specifications and processes.

5.       How hands on are you in terms of customer service?

Every day I deal with clients, which makes customer service a key part of my job.

6.       How do you help customers visualise their dream loft conversion or home extension

After Roza has visited clients with her extensive portfolios and given them some ideas, I then work with our Architectural Assistant Indre to produce a 3D model based on these ideas.  Following this I send clients additional photos and organise site visits to previous projects to help clarify exactly what it is they would like to achieve with their new space.

7.       What are the most common problems or challenges you encounter in your line of work?

Usually the problems we face are ones from third parties, including external party wall surveyors and freeholders (not from our friends at Landmark LLP, of course!).

8.       What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I like the variety that the role entails and the fact that I get to constantly work with new people. As one job is finishing, another one will inevitably be starting up.

9.       What’s next for you? 

I love where I am at the moment and want to continue to help the company to grow.

10.   When you’re not at Landmark Architecture, how do you like to spend your time?

In my spare time I enjoy reading, cycling, listening to music and going out.


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