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Part E decorating series – How to decorate your home office

In Part A of our decorating series we outlined some steps to make the existing rooms in your home or the new rooms that have come into being thanks to a home extension decorating-friendly; in Part B we gave you 10 tips to help you turn your bedroom into the comfy room of your dreams; in Part C we covered bathrooms and in the last instalment we tackled guest rooms. Now we’ll share some tips about how to decorate your home office that we’ve collected from our clever team of in-house Design Consultants.

Without further ado, here are 10 ways to decorate your home office and transform it into a space that you’ll bound home from work to log extra hours in:

  1. Keep it minimal.  Choose a calming colour scheme and co-ordinate it as much as possible to make your home office feel less cramped and you more organised. White is a great base to start with, especially if your home office shares the room with your bedroom or living room. You can then introduce some colour and style into the space with a select few pieces of furniture that don’t make it feel too cramped.
  2. Use furniture wisely. Invest in some tall sliding doors to maximise storage space and keep your stationery and mounds of paperwork out of sight when you log off for the day. Opt for materials that reflect light and make the space look larger than it actually is.
  3. Choose a statement piece. Inject the room with a bit of you by allowing one statement piece into your office like an unusual chair or an eye-catching accessory that the rest of the room can revolve around.
  4. Use dividers. If your home office shares the space with another room, use a shelving unit as a room divide to screen the desk area from the rest of the room.
  5. Be storage savvy. A well-planned storage system for your office is an absolute must, so don’t skimp on it!
  6. Conceal it. Aneliese, one of our in-house Design Consultants, is all about utilising every nook and cranny in a home extension or loft conversion to maximise space. One of her favourite space-saving solutions is to install cupboards in the eaves space that double as a desk and designating one of these cupboards as a space to tuck your office chair into.
  7. Inject some colour. If you are a creative person and need colour to help you find inspiration for your work, try using one main shade then introducing two to three accent shades to create an oasis that fuels your creative instincts.
  8. Light up the room. If your home office shares the room with another room, ensure that the space in that section is bright enough for you to be able to work at your peak. If it’s in the home extension, skylights, which let natural light flow into the room, create the perfect work environment and will help you reduce your energy bills.
  9. Invest in a comfy office chair. This is an absolute must, especially if you work from home. We’ve all had to endure the pain that’s resulted in sitting in chairs that were set at the wrong height or which didn’t have enough lumbar support – it’s just not worth it! Click here for some tips for selecting an ergonomic office chair that will assist you in doing your best work.
  10. Own the space. This is particularly important if your home office finds itself in a room that doubles as the living room or dining room. Deck your home office out with everything that you could possibly need to work productively. Having things like stationery, calendars and snacks at hand will save you from having to leave your home office and risk getting distracted by cunning devices like the television!


Stay tuned for the next instalment of our decorating series, in which we’ll give you some great tips for turning your kitchen into a room that you’ll actually want to spend time cooking and cleaning in. In the meantime, if you have any questions about Chartered architectshome extension architects or home extension costcontact the team at Landmark Architecture.

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