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5 reasons why the number of home extensions is… extending

Lately, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in the number of people booking consultations with our design consultants and getting the ball rolling on their home extension plans. We thought that it would be useful to look at why it’s becoming such a popular option for homeowners all over London and the surrounding areas.

We’ve narrowed it down to five key factors:

  1. House prices. It’s hard to pick up a paper or turn on the telly without being bombarded with reports about rising house prices all over the UK and especially in London. The fact is that a lot of homeowners that are in the market for bigger homes are not able to meet the asking prices and are being forced to consider alternatives such as staying put and increasing the size and liveability of their existing homes.
  2. Costs. There’s no denying the fact that purchasing a new or pre-loved home is expensive. There are so many costs to take into account as well as those oft-forgotten surprises like utility deposits, financing changes and property tax. A home extension costs money, too, but home improvements like these instantly add value to your home and save you precious pounds that would otherwise be wasted on agents’ commissions, moving expenses and on maintaining a bigger home that’s possibly just as old as the one you’ve just left behind. Home extensions are also now considered to be the better alternative to digging down with basements because they are a lot cheaper, easier to build, safer and easier to get through planning.
  3. Sentimentality. In some cases, sentimental reasons outweigh financial considerations in the great debate over whether to move house or renovate. Liking your neighbourhood, trusting your neighbours, being sentimentally attached to the home you’ve raised three kids in and being happy with the schools those kids are in are all perfectly good reasons for not wanting to move.
  4. Hassle. Unless you have lived in the same home since you were born, which is highly unlikely, you will have gone through the torture that is moving. Many homeowners choose to stay put and improve their existing homes purely to avoid the hassle. Can you blame them?
  5. The chance to get it right. After moving into a new or pre-loved home, a lot of homeowners are shocked to discover that it’s not perfect either and immediately set about renovating or do so in a few years’ time when they have managed to replenish their savings. Some homeowners are lucky enough to predict that this may happen and instead choose to spend some time and money transforming their existing home into one that meets their complex needs and is able to grow with them.

Have you recently undergone a home extension, or are you considering undertaking renovations? We’d love for you to tell us which of these five factors strike cords with you!

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24 July 2013.

This blog is written by Jacqui Henderson and managed by Lucy Lonsdale.

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