Architects Add Value

How Architects Add Value to Your Home

If you’re a home-owner, you have probably heard that a great architect will add value to your property. That all-encompassing statement is rarely followed by an explanation so we have compiled an explanatory list to inform the masses about what architects do inside your home, and how it adds value.

  1. MASTER PLAN – An RIBA Chartered Architect can give you the big picture, from start to finish, turning your design dream in to an actual model and reality. Architects assist in the creation of cost conscious planning permissions, which increases the value of your home. They also often have networks of qualified builders, heating experts and legal support that you can take full advantage of. With all the decisions to be made, you may grow weary before the project is complete. Delays are often caused by the inability to make minor decisions; an architect’s experience and aptitude can help you breeze through small tasks like choosing complementary fittings and light fixtures, which will end up saving you time, money – and stress!
  2. BEST VALUE – An architect will use computer-based applications to create drawings and 3D models of your space allowing you to completely visualise the addition. The most economical time to make changes is on a sketch, long before the plastering and hammering begins! Depending on how hands-on you are, you can be integrated into the process helping to determine layout and stylistics. For the less eager, you will remain informed and have a say every step of the way. Finding an architect that will work with you to create personalised solutions that complement you and your home is very important
  3. ECO-FRIENDLY – Your architect can provide cost-effective options that will make your project more sustainable. They offer advice on how to cater your extension or loft conversion to the environment by taking advantage of the sun, shade and ventilation. These considerations lessen the running cost of your home and reduce energy consumption. Finding architects that promote the use of locally sourced materials is another benefit that reduces waste, transport costs and supports the local economy.
  4. INSIGHT – An architect can identify possible complications you may encounter when making changes to your home. For example, increased loading in your loft will require new floor joists that factor in the expected weight. A game room fitted with arcade equipment will need more support than a child’s bedroom. Similarly, you may not be aware that certain improvements or additions to your home require planning permission from the conservation officer at your local council. An architect will advise you about issues before any building begins.

In the current economy, maximising your home’s potential and value is paramount. A good design produced by a knowledgeable architect will increase the value of your property while accommodating your growing family and hobbies. A good architect will get the most out of your budget by providing creative solutions to practical problems. If you are interested in a home extension or conversion, or want more information regarding architects and how they can benefit your next project, contact us.


This blog is written by Baaba Hughes and managed by Lucy Lonsdale.