How We Work

Design Manipulate an architectural plan - Download our 3D Interactive PDF (PDF 1.22MB)


One of our architects will visit your home to discuss your requirements and to get a sense of the available space for the project. At this stage the architects will make suggestions as to the location of staircases, and bathrooms, and the amount of extra space that is achievable in your home. Many clients are surprised to learn just how much extra space we can create for them. Often a client will have only envisaged one bedroom at the outset, but our team has been able to deliver two bedrooms and sometimes a bathroom as well.

Our interior architects and designers can help you create an attractive design that maximises the available space. We can also provide a full interior design service if you wish.

It can sometimes be difficult to visualise the finished project. That is why we make 3D models of your design to help you get a feel for it, and to enable you to start thinking about furniture and the layout of the finished room. We can include wallpapers, furniture and fabrics in the 3D model so you can see how the finished build will look.

We will then present you with a number of designs for you to choose from.