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Landmark Architecture love this stunning kitchen that has come into being thanks to a home extension

5 reasons why the number of home extensions is… extending

Lately, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in the number of people booking consultations with our design consultants and getting the ball rolling on their home extension plans. We thought that it would be useful to look at why it’s becoming such a popular option for homeowners all over London and the surrounding areas.

We’ve narrowed it down to five key factors:

  1. House prices. It’s hard to pick up a paper or turn on the telly without being bombarded with reports about rising house prices all over the UK and especially in London. The fact is that a lot of homeowners that are in the market for bigger homes are not able to meet the asking prices and are being forced to consider alternatives such as staying put and increasing the size and liveability of their existing homes. Read more
Home extensions in Wimbledon

Part A: Wimbledon fever – why Wimbledon is a great place to call home

This is the first in our new series of ‘area profiles’, in which we’ll take a particular area of London and give you a snapshot of the area to aid you in your search for a new house or to give you the excuse you’ve been looking for to stay put! Because the Wimbledon Championships are just around the corner, we thought we’d make Wimbledon our focus this month. Read more