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Staff interview with Rebecca from Landmark Architecture

Introducing Landmark Architecture’s Executive Assistant, Rebecca Clarke!

We sat down with Executive Assistant Rebecca Clarke and found out how she began working at Landmark Architecture and gained some insight into her future plans.

1.       What are your daily duties as an Executive Assistant?

I deal with projects right from the first communication (when the clients book a sales appointment with Roza) up until the builders start work on the home extension.
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Home extensions in Wimbledon

Part A: Wimbledon fever – why Wimbledon is a great place to call home

This is the first in our new series of ‘area profiles’, in which we’ll take a particular area of London and give you a snapshot of the area to aid you in your search for a new house or to give you the excuse you’ve been looking for to stay put! Because the Wimbledon Championships are just around the corner, we thought we’d make Wimbledon our focus this month. Read more